Database Documentation

Search and browse the data dictionary in multiple databases.

Dependency Analysis

Query the database's dependency model to identify dependencies between objects.

CSV File Generation

Run SQL statements to review table contents and generate CSV files.

Code Generation

Extract SQL statements from PL/SQL procedures. Generate code from database metadata

API Support

REST APIs for all application features.

Cloud native

An enterprise-ready Kubernetes application on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Common use cases

On-Premises to GCP Bare Metal

Document and analyze on-premises environments prior to migration. Review system utilization for capacity planning. Identify “lift and shift” projects and candidates for conversion to microservices or other database engines. Document custom code in E-Business Suite databases. Review the contents of old databases. Identify targets for consolidation or decommissioning.

Oracle Data Warehouse to Big Query

Analyze star, snowflake and 3NF schemas in the Oracle data warehouse. Execute queries to review data values and prototype denormalized structures. Generate CSV from SQL statements for download as files or streaming to Google Cloud Storage. Generate code stubs from Oracle table and PL/SQL metadata for use in ETL tools. Replicate data from Oracle via REST APIs.

Oracle OLTP to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

Review Oracle schemas to identify Oracle specific data types and indexes. Examine custom PL/SQL and other database related program logic in stored procedures, packages and triggers. Extract SQL statements and business logic. Rewrite in other languages. Download Oracle DDL for manual conversion to PostgreSQL.

Execute Ora2Pg via an easy to use single page web application or REST API.